Sight Seeing

A5, Hot Spring (Bike tour around city) - 4 hrs (round trip)

Naturally pool.One of the most interesting walk as you goes through the villages, rice fields and streams on the way there.

A6, Trails of Northern Suburb

BAMBOO BUDHA Monastery which is more than 160 Yrs old. On the way there, you would want to take a look NAT shrine KO MYO SHIN means as THE MASTER OF NINE TOWN and one of the most attractive places known as LITTLE BAGAN at the Northern Suburb where is photogenic for your memory.

A7, Bowgyo Historical Bagoda

8kms away from town.The festival is held in the middle of March every year.It is located on the side of the main road and 8 kms away from town, can also be seen on the train ride from Mandalay to Hsipaw and. Sar Dwin, a Salt making village, is also on the attractive villages situated north of BAWGYO Pagoda. It is interestingto learn how the villagers make salt from the well water. Half of the village is involved in the business of salt making. You can go there by motor bike or taxi. There is a good local restaurant famous for near moosum (sour pork) and shan noodle. You can see different ethnics with their full tradition dress during the festival held in March every year.

A8, Globe Pagoda

It is about 1 hour walk from the guest house to the top of the hill, very pleasant, peaceful and nice view. Nearby, you can also visit the Royal cemetery and the biggest nunnery with a hundred of nuns.

A9, Morning Market

There is a central market in town opening all day long. Nevertheless the morning market is still attracting for a morning walk. The villagers around Hsipaw come down to this market to sell all the vegetables from their garden, foods they make to the people who come with their bicycles, motor bikes with two big baskets behind. Those buyers with full of stock on their bikes, sell them back all the way to their villages. So that is a busy early morning market with a few candle lights. The best time to see it is before 6am.

A10, Naung Kaw Gyi

This lake locates in a remote village that can be reached by motor bike or car by 1 hr drive. The lake is much attractive as well as the scenery on the way there.

A11, Shan Palace

Hsipaw was ruled by SHAN prince for 5 century. Why it is still famous and popular to us, one of the fascinating reasons is the book titled Twilight over Burma (My Life as a Shan Princess) written by the Inge Surgent, Austrian who married to our Last Prince of Hsipaw. You will learn many interesting thing in the book. Mr. Donald’s (the nephew of the last prince) family is looking after the residence now known as SHAN Palace.

A12, Sunset Hill

The place you should not miss is the panoramic view of Hsipaw from Nine-Buddha Hill, also known as Sunset Hill.

  • Half Day Tour - SHAN Villages Trip; Water Fall; Boat Trip.
  • Full Day Tour - Waterfall and SHAN villages; Walk to the SHAN villages with Boat Trip; Waterfall, Shan Villages and Boat Trip; PALAUNG hill tribe village, Tea Plantation.
  • Over Night Trip - Trails of PALAUNG hill tribe village and Tea Plantation, Trails of Hsipaw - Kyauk Me,Trails of Namsan (Golden Palaung hill tribes)